Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Gave All

There's not a lot I could say today that hasn't already been said. For many people out there, today is a very trying day. Remember not only those who have fallen while supporting our freedoms, but remember their families. Don't let today be the only day that you remember the fallen. Don't let today be the only day that you thank a family member for their loved ones service. Remember these people as often during the year as you can. For them it's not just today that they remember their loved ones. I wish war was not a necessary way of life, but unfortunately it is. I send my thoughts and prayers out today to those who have left us too soon and to those who they left behind.

 Capt Nathan Nylander

Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Hartley

Lastly I also encourage you to look into Watermelon Run For the Fallen. This run takes place in my hometown every August and it is one of the most amazing 5Ks I've ever been a part of. From my understanding there are more Runs For the Fallen held around the country, but the Watermelon one has grown into the biggest. It is truly an amazing, somber and touching event. I look forward to talking part in another great event this August.

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