Thursday, May 28, 2015

Unread Book parody of Uptown Funk

We've made it to the weekend! 


 Only one more day stands between you and that amazing thing that we call Saturday and Sunday. Do you need a pick me up to get you there??? 

I've got just the thing.

I love librarians! Do you know why? Because they are some of the most creative people you will ever meet! Don't believe me? Check out this bookish parody of Uptown Funk. I now present what is going to get you through the rest of your week!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY....WAIT! STOP! I want to read more!

Wow! We have had a lot of rain since Friday! You know what rain makes? Good reading weather! Yes it does. I have been a little reading machine this past weekend. Since Friday, I have started and finished four books. Honestly I can't believe I picked 4 books in a row that I would want to finish back to back like that.

Awake by Natasha Preston 
release date August 4th, 2015

Awake was a thrilling ride. This was the first time I'd read a book by Natasha Preston. I enjoyed this book because it took place in Bath and Ireland. Most of the books I read usually happen to take place somewhere in the U.S.A, so it was good to get a look at another part of the world. Ireland is my dream destination too! This book centered around a 15 year old girl named Scarlett. Scarlett has no memories of her life before the age of 4. We soon find that her whole life is changed by everything that happened before she turned 4 and when she rediscovers those memories life takes a turn for the worst. This book will have you on the edge of your seat wondering if Scarlett will make it out alive. Teens reading this book, might not know a lot about cults, but older readers will remember the various ones that popped up in the 90s. I think adults and teens alike can find something to enjoy in this one.

Need by Joelle Charbonnaeu
release date November 3rd, 2015
What happens when you take a brand new social networking site, keep the members to only one high school,  give everyone complete anonymity, and give them whatever they ask for???? HORROR, that is exactly what you get. I can say that if this book were ever made into a movie I would not be able to watch it. It was bloody good! NEED is based around the students of Nottowa High School. One day the new social site NEED pops up. The site promises to give you what you need. At first the price for your need is to provide other email addresses to students in the school. What happens though after all the students have joined? The cost of admission goes up and the students are then asked to do seemingly innocent pranks. When the body count starts rising though you know something sinister is as at work! This was good. It is also completely different from Charbonneau's Testing Trilogy. Give it a try though! I dare you to put it down.

What You Left Behind  by Jessica Verdi
release date August 4th, 2015

This YA book was completely different than 90% of the other YA titles out there. Do you want to know how? Simple, it had a male narrator. We don't see many of those. Especially with this storyline. This was the story of Ryden. Ryden is a single dad who just happens to still be in high school. At the start of the book we are 6 months into the life of his daugher, Hope. We see Ryden at his lowest point. He is convinced that if he had ever known his dad he could be the father to Hope that he wants to be. We go on a journey of self discovery with him. I enjoyed every minute of the ride with Ryden. I felt his heartbreak, his elation, and everything else in between. Jessica has a beautiful way of writing. I hope guys will pick this book up and give it a chance.

The Other Daughter by Lauren Willig 
release date July 21st, 2015

This was the only adult book I read this weekend. I really liked it because it read almost like a stage play. It helped keep the story moving and not get bogged down. By the end of this book I felt like I was reading the script for Downton Abbey. There were so many similarities that if Downton Abbey was continuing into a 7th season, then they could just pick this book up and use it as their script. That being said though, I still would suggest this book. It was completely enjoyable to the very end. There was scandal, intrigue, naughty 20s flappers and so much more. It was a beautifully told romance and I really liked it. 

What do you think? Do any of these titles look enticing to you? Let me know what you think below in the comments!

Wonderful World of Words Wednesday


Lalochezia- emotional relief gained by using vulgar language.

Wow! Really! I read an article once that said scientists have proven that stomping your feet can make you feel better. Go ahead and throw a fit like a child and see how you feel!  I believe that stomping your feet works, but I believe this even more. Now it may not be the best way for everyone to vent, but for me, I most definitely feel better after a good expletive or two.

Apparently this is even a medical term! I love it!

How do you achieve emotional relief? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You Know You're A Childrens Librarian When...

...You tell your daughter,

I meant what I said
And I said what I meant
I'm completely serious 100%.

That really just flew out of my mouth....thanks Dr. Seuss for giving me the words.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Gave All

There's not a lot I could say today that hasn't already been said. For many people out there, today is a very trying day. Remember not only those who have fallen while supporting our freedoms, but remember their families. Don't let today be the only day that you remember the fallen. Don't let today be the only day that you thank a family member for their loved ones service. Remember these people as often during the year as you can. For them it's not just today that they remember their loved ones. I wish war was not a necessary way of life, but unfortunately it is. I send my thoughts and prayers out today to those who have left us too soon and to those who they left behind.

 Capt Nathan Nylander

Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Hartley

Lastly I also encourage you to look into Watermelon Run For the Fallen. This run takes place in my hometown every August and it is one of the most amazing 5Ks I've ever been a part of. From my understanding there are more Runs For the Fallen held around the country, but the Watermelon one has grown into the biggest. It is truly an amazing, somber and touching event. I look forward to talking part in another great event this August.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Book Alert: Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra May 26th, 2015


 "Though she be but little, she is fierce." William Shakespeare

I think I could wrap the whole book up in that one phrase.The girls of the Manhattan Ballet Institute are some of the most manipulative, conniving, and competitive characters I have ever read about. Every girls desire is to be the prima ballerina and they will get it at any cost.

What I liked about the book:
  • The Diverse Cultures-Many readers will be able to find something in this book to identify with. Even if you're not a dancer (I'm not) you can look at each girls culture struggle and see something in you.
  • The Ambition- Every girl was driven by something in their life. There were distinct back stories that helped you understand the drive that lead them to what they did to each other.
  • Gigi-Her determination to be the best and not stoop the everyone elses level was inspiring. No matter what Bette and June did, she still tried to see the best.
What I didn't like about the book:
  • There were so many questions left unanswered at the end.I am happy to say now that I know there is a second book in the works.

Overall I really did enjoy the book. If I didn't, I wouldn't have finished it or be writing this review. It was an escape into a world I know nothing about. I was a band nerd, not a dancer.

Does the book interest you? Let me know in the comments below.

Sona Charaipotra Facebook Page


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New and Forthcoming Picture Book Reviews

All The Little Fathers by Margaret Wise Brown. The illustrations is what will really draw the reader in. They are quite simply beautiful. The textures will draw the eye of the adults, while the kids will love the colors. This book would be perfect for an early reader storytime and great for a Father's Day themed one.

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. This is really an inspiring book for kids. Throughout the book the little girl will inspire anyone to just keep trying. Sometimes it's best to take a step back from your work, but then you just might see what you needed to see all along. This could be great used in a STEM themed storytime.

The Snake Who Said Shhh by Jodie Parachini. A great picture book that teaches children it's OK to be different. Seth the snake has a lisp! This sets all the jungle animals to laughter. In the end though they learn maybe all Seth wants is quiet!

The Lion Who Lost His Roar, But Learned How To Draw by Paula Knight. I absolutely adored this book! The colors are very eye catching. For little ones just learning colors this could be a very useful book in teaching them!

What's In Your Pocket? by Ruth Symons and Laura Watkins. This was an adorable book. I could see it being used as a tool for teaching older siblings about the coming of a new baby.

When I Grow Gil McLean. What should I be when I grow up? That is the question Fergus wants answered. The only problem is that everyone gives him different answers. What's a puppy to do???? Find out what Fergus learns in this cute book. The softness of the illustrated animals will make the children want to pet the book!

What do you think of these new titles? Any out there you think I need to know about? Drop me a comment and let me know!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Ash and Bramble by Sarah Prineas

In honor of #IreadYA Week below is a limited review of the latest YA title I read.It's limited because the book will not hit the store shelf until the end of September so I am not at liberty to reveal too much.

You might think that another Cinderella story would be beating a long dead horse, but Sarah Prineas manages beautifully to give us a new view on this beloved classic!

Pin and Shoe are our main characters. They have been enslaved in the Godmothers castle as her workforce to create all the things necessary for the Godmother's "Happily Ever Afters". Yes you read that right, enslaved!!! I told you Sarah put a brand new spin on this timeless classic! The Godmother is the villain in all this! Have I whet your appetite yet? Are you intrigued???? Well guess what, there's a ton more where that came from. If you simply cannot wait until September to read this book, then you can check out my blog post on Professional Reading and request an E-ARC of this title. This particular book was available on Edelweiss.

Have you read and reviewed this book? If so send me a message and we can discuss it! It was so devilishly good, wasn't it??? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

I Read YA Week! May 18-22


I am so excited to say that the start of I Read YA Week is officially here! I read my first YA novel a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Young Adult books are like this delectable little treat that when you unwrap them you just can't get enough. Did you know that some of your favorite adult authors also write YA??? James Patterson, David Baldacci and many others have books out there geared just for teens!

 For more information on I Read YA Week and chances to win your very own YA prizepack follow the link below!

Scholastic Blog with Chances to WIN!

Looking for a great way to get new YA title, check out my past blog on Professional Reading. There is a never ending supply of YA material that authors would like YOU to review!

Professional Reading

Friday, May 15, 2015

Professional Reading or Never See an End in Sight to Your TBR Pile

About a year ago I discovered these two amazing sites!



Now I am never at a loss for reading material! You can be too, if you have an e-reader or a computer.  It's kind of exciting to get to review material before it's available to the general public. I have been able to review some of the latest books from my favorite authors, like James Rollins, and I have found new authors that I adore.

 If you are an avid reader and like to review books you can sign up for these sites. Some materials are immediately available for download and others you have to request and hope you get approval.

Do you use these sites? Do you have any tips for newbies to the sites? Do you have any questions? If so please leave me a comment!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free 30 Day Trial of Amazon Prime!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Have you been wanting to try Amazon Prime? I know I have! Use the link above to sign up. I know I'm going to! Here's some of the deals you get by joining.

* FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
* Instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
* Secure, unlimited photo storage with anywhere access
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After the free trial, Prime is just $99 per year.

My Favorite Storytime Books!

I love picture there any wonder I handle youth services for my library? As much as you love to plan out themes sometimes its just best to stick with the ones you love. I recently did a storytime and I simply called it Librarians Choice. These were the books I read! 

Press Here by Herve Tullet

If you have never run across Herve Tullet I feel kind of bad for you. He is truly a fantastic genius. He creates these picture books that keep you flipping back and forth through the whole book to try and find the end. You're either following lines, or using your fingers as finger puppets. They are just so incredibly interactive. Press Here will not let you down! If you are planning a magic theme or just looking for a fun book then here it is. Once you open the pages you are drawn into its magic! The best part is there is so much going on in it that if you have a well behaved group they can join in the fun. It is all up to you!

 The Book With No Picture

A book with no pictures??? Really??? This one by B.J. Novak is a sure winner. What he does with the text in this book is nothing short of amazing!  Plus what kid doesn't like hearing the word BUTT every now and again.

The Day The Crayons Quit ***2015 Bluebonnet Winner***

 The Day The Crayons Quit is the 2015 Bluebonnet Award Winner. I found this book almost a year ago now and I fell in love with it. The kids love it too, especially when the peach crayon talks about being naked. I don't know why, but kids really really love that kind of thing...who am I kidding, I DO TOO!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is an oldie but a goodie. You can look for it on YouTube and show this book as a cartoon or song instead. Kids love the simplicity of the rhyming, the cadence of the text and the personification of the letters. Yes I know, kids don't know what personification is, but they still like it!

Knuffle Bunny

Knuffle Bunny....I LOVE TRIXIE. This cute toddler is beyond words adorable. She hasn't learned to speak yet, hence the confusion in this book, but it all turns out right in the end. The kids really love it when you get into Trixie's tantrum. Go ahead...give it a whirl. It is scientifically proven that stomping your feet will make you feel better!

Do you have a favorite picture book? If you do please share it with me in the comments section below!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass

 I finished The Heir by Kiera Cass this weekend! It was just as amazing as the first three books! I was beyond thrilled when I heard that Kiera was writing more in this series, because even though she wrapped the first three up nicely, I still wanted more!

The setting of The Heir takes place 20 years after the close of The One. This time we are on the adventure with Maxon and America's daughter Eadlyn as she takes her place in a selection. Now mind you the first three were about 35 girls. If you thought that guys are more easy going and this one wouldn't have as much action then you would be wrong! 35 young adults full of testosterone!!!! Holy cow was this a good ride and it leaves you wanting so much more! Kiera Cass did it again. I can't wait to read more and continue on with the story. I know there is at least one more book in this series.


I don't know what it is like where you are, but in southeast Texas we are getting drenched, and we will be for the next few days. I LOVE THIS KIND OF WEATHER. Sure it has its drawbacks, like I worry about my husband driving in it and other things, but it just makes me feel good. There is nothing that I love more than a hard rain. It soothes me. I am the very definition of a pluviophile.

 For some people they do their best thinking when it rains. Some have their most creative moments. There's something so beautiful in rain. It refreshes the soul and feels like it wipes everything clean.

Some of my favorite songs are about rain. Below is Songs About Rain by Gary Allan where he pays homage to many of the songs out their dedicated to that watery substance.

Are you a lover of rain too? Let me know in the comments section below and maybe share your favorite thing about rain! Is it a song, an activity or something else???

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you amazing mothers out there are spending your day exactly how you want too! Mothers are truly amazing creatures. You never know how much you truly can handle until you become one. Have a wonderful day peeps! 

Leigha and Graham, the two cities who made me a mom!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Walk On Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

I just finished Rae Carson's latest book and it was a thrilling ride. This was the first time for me to read a California gold rush era book and let me tell you, Rae did not shy away from writing it. This wasn't some easy reading fluffy YA title. Rae got down into the real nitty gritty of what it was like to travel overland in that time, but didn't let it bog down the writing with so many minute details that you get bored. She put her characters through every hardship you could imagine and some you even couldn't unless you had been there!

Because this book will not come out until September there's not a lot I can say about it, YET! I can tell you though that Rae put a lot of work into her character Lee. Lee is this incredibly brave tomboyish figure who you really just want to be your best friend. She really puts on a brave face, but isn't scared to show you her vulnerability and her incredible work ethic.

This is definitely another winner for Rae Carson. If you haven't read any of her other work, I suggest you start with The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy. Head to your local library, bookstore or favorite reading device and give it a try!

If you have read them, then let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

NEW BOOK ALERT!!! The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker

A few months ago I had the opportunity to review The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker. Quite simply I was blown away by this book. Rachelle created a strong heroine in Carrington that I completely admire. What I took away from this book was that we are always worth more than what we are told. Carrington is told repeatedly that her self worth only lies in who she marries. How wrong is that? Carrington starts out timid enough, but as the book continues she discovers her own inner strength, her own belief in whats right and wrong, her own will and desires and that maybe she is worth more than what has been drilled into her being her entire life. She has to be after all that she faces! I believe Carrington will be the next strong character that young girls can model themselves after.

I wish that I could tell you more about this book, but alas I cannot. I will tell you though that May 19th is almost here. I hope when this book comes out that you will head to your local library or bookstore or reading device and purchase it.

Rachelle talks about The Choosing

A Haiku about the BEST DAY OF THE MONTH!

A New Book Haiku

Most Exciting Day
New Books Are Arriving Now
Happiness Ensues

Haiku's are hard. You would think they wouldn't be, but they are. I finally found a website where I could type in my proposed sentences and it helped A LOT!

If you didn't figure it out from that Haiku then I'll clue you in! Today is the day when the new books are delivered! This happens one time a month and for me it is the most exciting day!I promise to share pictures later when FedEx finally drops them off!

Doesn't the sight of all those new books excite you?????

I invite you to create your own haiku and share it with me in the comment section found below!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Everything James Rollins

What can I say about James Rollins. I can unequivocally say that he just may be the best writer I have ever stumbled across. He can simultaneously teach me and scare me at the same time. I had never heard of James, despite his illustrious career as a novelist, until about three years ago. I was shelving books in my library when I went to put this title up...

It instantly drew me in. I had to know what the tie was between what looked like a DNA strand in the form of a cross. Let me tell you, I was hooked instantly! I was even more pleasantly surprise to learn that this was the 8th book in the series and that I would get to dive into more immediately. Luckily it happened that at the time all his books were on sale on my Nook, so I was able to buy the 7 previous titles for $2.99 a piece. Talk about a windfall man! I also set to work on ordering the rest of the books in this series for my library and I have been suggesting them to people ever since. I pulled this quote from a Wikipedia Page dedicated to James. I couldn't describe this series better than it.

"The SIGMA Force is a fictional division of the U.S. DARPA program. The chief operatives in SIGMA combine highly trained military skills with specialized scientific knowledge. The Force's purpose is to investigate and to secure sensitive information that could be a threat to the United States; its functions are a combination of counter-terrorism, research, and covert operations. Following the first book, Sandstorm (2004), the SIGMA Force headquarters moves into the sub-basement of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. These novels are intended to be read in chronological order."

So I am now three years into my love affair with the work of James and I hope it never ends. I was so very estatic to meet James in April of 2014 at the Texas Library Assosciation Annual Conference. I had no clue he would be in the exhibit hall signing. There had never been any announcements made to that extent. If my coworker hadn't stumbled by him and came back and told me I would have missed him and never knew it. Guess what he was signing that day....Bloodline, the very first book that got me hooked! It was fate.You know what else James brought me...a community of friends. I am now part of the best James Rollins group on Facebook. We loving refer to it as Base Camp. If you're interested in becoming a member let me know and I'll recommend you for membership! Besides just discussing James work and other things we find we have in common, we also raise money for a charity close to James heart, USA Cares. Shout out to Jerry Zavada and Heather Beth for a great group! I'm so happy I found you guys!

 I've included the book trailer link below the picture of the dust jacket. You should go watch it and see if it makes you want to read Bloodline and the rest of the Sigma Force books too!

Did ya watch it? Did ya like it? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I know I just posted a few minutes ago, but a thought occurred to me! I forgot that today a new title in my favorite YA series comes out! (That's Young Adult for you uncool people! J/K!!!) The Heir by Kiera Cass comes out today! I stumbled across the first book in this series, The Selection,  maybe a year ago and fell absolutely in love with it. The best way to describe it is Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. After I voraciously tore through the first title I was ecstatic to learn that there were more! I quickly got every teen girl in the library and a few colleagues to read the books too! Now after much anticipation the book is finally here. The fourth installment in The Selection series! I've included the trailer for The Selection!

I was so excited to actually meet Kiera at this years Texas Library Association Annual Conference!

If you love a good dystopian novel then I highly recommend you get to your local library, bookstore, or reading device and get The Selection series. I doubt you will be disappointed in this series!

Tell me if you're read this series in the comments section below!

A Children's Book With No Pictures...Really????


It's no secret...I LOVE PICTURE BOOKS! However you might be asking how a book with no pictures could possibly be useful or entertaining in a storytime setting???? I'll tell you how, by using pure wittiness! B.J. Novak who you might remember as Ryan Howard on The Office brings his comic delight to a children's book. At first I had my qualms, but when I read it, I knew it was a hit. The kids were laughing so hard, but who doesn't laugh at a decent butt joke!

If you have a chance I suggest you head to your local library, or book store and check out this hilarious title! Even if you don't have kids, this book will have you LOL'ing in the aisles!

Tell me what ya think about it in the comments section below!

Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm so not good at keeping a blog...obviously. I think my last post was over two years ago. So I think I may now try and use this as a book review blog. I'll give it a go.

 A few months ago I read a book called Remake by Ilima Todd. I really enjoy when a book takes me on a new adventure and far from my everyday life. This book did just that! I was able to forget all my worries and jump into the story of Nine. Over the weekend I was sent the link to the book trailer for it and it makes me want to read the book all over again! Click the link below and watch the trailer on Youtube! It is fantastic. If you get a chance then read this book soon! I think YA authors have discovered the secret formula to best sellers. Dystopion Society + 1 feisty girl + 2 Boys + major trouble = AWESOMENESS!

Remake by Ilima Todd

Did ya watch it? What did ya think? Let me know!