Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wallabys, Lemurs and Pigs: Oh My!

Today was so much fun! It was our first day of summer reading and what better way to kick it off than with a Zoofari! I loved seeing the looks on the kids faces when they got to learn about and pet 6 different baby animals! There was a pig, Ring tail lemur, cockatoo, wallaby, chinchilla and  porcupine. I work for a small library so to have over 60 people in our small meeting room was amazing. I honestly expected more people since we have 3 times that many registered, but I'm glad that was it. The room had just enough space left for the presenter to walk around the kids and introduce the animals to the entire room.

 I would say the best part were the excited kids, but who am I kidding!?!? The best part was that I got to snuggle the adorable wallaby! I'll probably never get to do that again in my life! Look at that face! I would have snuggled the piglet too, if I'd had the chance.

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