Monday, June 22, 2015

A Very Busy Weeked=No Time For Reading

I had a wonderful visit with my oldest bestie this weekend! Somehow we let just shy of 3 years slip away without seeing each other. We live about 4 hours apart and we both have kids, so it was real easy for the time to slip away. Thankfully my very adventurous friend decided not to let those four hours come between us anymore and made the drive up to me! YEAH!!! We have always balanced each other out well. She's adventurous and kind and I'm outspoken and loud and apparently pretty funny. I try to keep the people around me in stitches.

We mostly kept it lowkey this weekend. We basically just hung out, let the kids play and enjoyed our time together. I loved getting to snuggle and play with Manny. What an adorable baby! We did get to top it off though with a Foam Glow. I can say now that I probably won't do another Foam Run. It feels totally icky when your shoes are full of that solution and everybody stopped in the middle of the foam to take pictures and we were stuck trying to get the stroller through. At the first foam station we had Manny in the stroller. We hit that foam and next thing we know he was completely buried in it! When all is said and done it was still a fun night, but a poorly put together event. I think this company just decided to jump on the 5K wagon and get all the money with the least amount of effort put into it.

 Here's Marcie and I at the last foam station.

Here's the fabulous group that we went with! I love my coworkers. They are awesome! We do a few 5Ks together throughout the year!

When I say no time for reading, I mean that I only snuck in maybe an hour or two worth of reading. I know for some people that could be a whole week worth of reading. Currently I am finishing up the newest Janet Evanovich title, Wicked Charms, which comes out tomorrow, June 23rd. As usual Janet takes us on a wild caper all over the northeast part of the U.S. I'm partial to the Stephanie Plum novels because honestly I am in love with a fictional character, RANGER. Who wouldn't be in love with Ranger. I know Joe is probably the right guy, but that magnetism that Ranger has is WHOA and he's just a FICTIONAL usual though I have completely gotten off the subject here. Back to Wicked Charms, its been a great read so far. If you've read the other two books in this series, then you know that there's a little of the mystical taking place. We're never sure exactly where or what Diesel is. We know he's HOT and MAGICAL, that might be all that matters! No matter what, I can honestly say though that this is another fun comedic undertaking and you'll be panting from laughter or from being in heat for Diesel the entire book. I'll update this post when I finish this book, probably tonight.

Check out Janet's FB page and Website. She is always running fun contests, games and ways for fans to interact! 

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